Today we eat Hot Crab Chips (핫꽃게랑/hot-ggot-ge-rang) and Oh Yes (오예스). Crabs versus Chocolate. Spicy versus Sweet. Bring it on. My taste buds were born ready. Hopefully the crab chips aren't too spicy or else it's gonna be an adventure when it comes out of the other end. Watcha waiting for? Let's dive into Professor Oh's snack tub.

Spicy in a friendly manner, Hot Crab Chips is love at first crunch. Crispy yet fluffy, the experience is comparable to biting into a firm cloud. These crabbies are the perfect snack for roadtrips, lunch breaks, beach bums and you name it. Hot Crab Chips, you deserve 6 out of 5 kpop stars. The first Korean snack to surpass 5 kpop stars!

OH YES, we move onto our second snack. You see what I did there? Oh Yes comes from same family of Choco Pie and Ghana (eaten in episode 1).  Their blood is made of refined carbs and chocolate. It turns out Oh Yes is the yummiest of all its siblings. It's a legit 6 out of 5 kpop stars. Episode 5 is the most satisfying snack bath yet!

Time for some improv cooking. Using today's snacks we make ice cream.

Happy responsible snacking! Don't forget to eat your carrots and peas :)