Today we eat Sanja (산자) and Jjondigi (쫀디기). We get linear with the square Sanja and vertical Jjondigi. Which tastes more yummy? Let the snack battle on the taste buds begin! Dive into Professor Oh's tub. Splash~

Sanja smells cozy like drinking tea on a cold winter evening. More fragrant than yummy. 3 out of 5 kpop stars!

Jjondigi tastes like laziness on a Sunday afternoon. Grannies, this snack may pull your last tooth out. Yep, it's that tough to bite into. For an easier snacking experience, peel in vertical strips rather than biting off a chunk directly. Jjondigi makes Sanja feel like clouds. Nonetheless Jjondigi is 5 out of 5 kpop stars. I like how this snack builds mega muscles for my jaws.

Time for improv cooking. We make Jjondigi & Sanja Sandwiches.

Happy responsible snacking!