Today we eat Choco Pie ( 초코파이) and Ghana (가나). They both look round and chocolatey. Which tastes more epic? Or are they same? Dive into Professor Oh's snack tub to find out!

Choco Pie is to the point. It's short for "Chocolate Pie." Ask if someone ate Ghana, they're going to think you're referring to the country. Maybe Ghana has amazing chocolate.

Choco Pie and Ghana taste like fraternal twins. Pretty much the same yet do have their subtle differences. The interior of Choco Pie is a creamy color while the Ghana is dark brown. Both have a horizontal white filling. When it comes to texture Ghana is slightly softer. And is decorated with swirly lines on the outside. Both pies are made by the same company: Lotte.

Choco Pie: 5 out of 5 kpop stars
Ghana: 5 out of 5 kpop stars

Time for some improv cooking. Let's make Choco Pie and Ghana Popsicles! Watch at 7:03 for the basic recipe.

Happy responsible snacking! Don't forget to eat your peas and carrots :)