Today we eat Soybean Tofu Snack (소이빈 두부스낵) and Wellbin Tofu Snack (웰빈 두부과자). Both look like intestines, but do they taste like it? Only one way to find out: dive into Professor Oh's snack tub!

The Soybean Tofu Snack is mostly bland however becomes increasingly addicting with each succeeding bite. The minimal drops sprinkled black sesame seeds are all for show. If I were to develop this snack, I'd toss in an extra handful of toasted black sesame seeds for each bag. Then rename it as "Toasty Tofu Snack." Has a nice ring to it. Abbreviation: TTS. Why do those letters sound familiar? Oh yeah, TTS also stands for "TaeTiSeo," the cute sub-group of the wink-a-licious Girls' Generation.

Just like the previous bag of tofu crackers, the Wellbin Tofu Snack (WTS) contains a lot of air in it. WTS is thicker, slightly softer and also contains black sesame seeds. Both snacks taste like cardboard.

From a kid's perspective, both tofu snacks get 2 out of 5 kpop stars. From an adults set of taste buds, 4 out of 5 kpop stars.

Time for some improv cooking. This week we create Tofu Crouton Salad. Simple. Make a salad and toss in those crunchy pieces of cardboard!

Happy responsible snacking! Don't forget to eat your veggies before and after :)