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GALBI JJIM: Steamed Beef in Gangnam, Korea


GALBI JJIM: Steamed Beef in Gangnam, Korea

In KWOW episode 123, my best buddy Yoonah and I had quite a laugh at Masizzim. In the world of our sense of humor we found the name to be hilarious. When our other bestie Judy visited us in Seoul, we decided it was time to fulfill our destiny: dining at Masizzim.


What's with the name? "Masizzim" is a combination of two Korean words: delicious & steamed. The restaurant is known for their beef and pork short ribs. Both dishes are steamed and can be ordered in four levels of spiciness. My friends and I ordered a bowl of level 1 spicy of beef short ribs. Boy, was it was fiery enough (below)! The meat comes with glass noodles, pumpkin and rice cakes.

Beef short ribs

The tropical-looking water kimchi was a refreshing contrast to the spicy steamed beef. The shaved ice in it was reminiscent of patbingsu.


We ordered a round of Jumokbap (rice balls/주먹밥). The literal translation of "jumokbap" is "fist rice."

rice balls

Put on the plastic gloves. Blend the rice, seaweed, tuna/anchovy, scallions and rice until even consistency. Take a jumok (fist/주먹) of the mixed rice. Mold them into balls and place the balls on an empty plate. Enjoy!

rice balls seaweed

Restaurants in Korea have a tendency to serve romaine salad. At Masizzim they sprinkle on sprouts.

romaine salad

Your standard acorn jelly. Another side dish commonly served at Korean eateries. The jelly itself has no particular taste. The flavor comes from the sauce on top.

acorn jelly

The interior is mostly comprised of wood and concrete, a combination of warm and cold textures.


The walls of gridded wire filled with rocks was a unique method in partitioning the space.

masizzim interior 2

It was packed and bustling when we first arrived at the restaurant. By the time we left it was quiet. A couple had the whole place to themselves. VIP status.

masizzim interior

Address: 813, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
In Korean: 강남구 역삼동 813 1층 (강남점), Seoul
Website :