*the following phrases are formal

If you’re in pain and end up taking the taxi, tell the driver:
제일 가까운 병원으로 가주세요.
Jaeil gaggaoon byungwoneuro gajuseyo.
Please take me to the nearest hospital.

If there’s a specific hospital you have in mind, tell the driver:
서울병원으로 가주세요.
Seoulbyungwoneuro gajooseyo.
Please take me to Seoul Hospital.

Just fill in the blank with a hospital name.
_______으로 가주세요.
_______euro gajuuseyo.
Please take me to _______.

What if the driver doesn’t know where that hospital is? Then hand him the address.
주소 여기있어요.
Jooso yuhgi issuhyo.
Here is the address.

If you must share your condition:
저 지금 많이 아파요.
Juh jigeum manee ahpayo.
I’m in a lot of pain right now.

Anytime you need assistance, say this:
Please help me.

You get to the hospital. You’ll be asked:
어디가 아프세요?
Uhdiga ahpeuseyo?
Where does it hurt?

증세가 어때요?
Jeungsega uhddaeyo?
What are the symptoms?

Tell them about your pain.

배 아파요.
Bae ahpayo.
My stomach hurts.

목 아파요.
Mok ahpayo.
My throat hurts.

머리 아파요.
Muhri ahpayo.
My head hurts.

허리 아파요.
Huhri ahpayo.
My back hurts.

_______ 아파요.
_______ ahpayo.
_______ hurts.

Place a body part in the blank space. For the complete pronunciation and list of body parts, check out KWOW episode 31.

You can also point to an area and say:
여기 아파요.
Yuhgi ahpayo.
It hurts here.

Let’s get a little more specific with describing your symptoms and medical condition.

열이 있어요.
Yeolee issuhyo.
I have a fever.

두통이 있어요.
Dootongee issuhyo.
I have a headache.

당뇨병이 있어요.
Dangnyobyungee issuhyo.
I have diabetes.

심장병이 있어요.
Shimjangbyung issuhyo.
I have heart disease.

천식이 있어요.
Cheonshikee issuhyo.
I have asthma.

관절염이 있어요.
Gwanjeolyeomee issuhyo.
I have arthritis.

Notice a pattern? All the phrases end with ISSUHYO. Here’s some more fun symptom-related phrases.

설사 해요.
Seolsa haeyo.
I have diarrhea.

Byeonbee issuhyo.
I have constipation.

계속 기침해요.
Gyesok gichimhaeyo.
I keep coughing.

토할 것 같아요.
I feel like vomiting.

식욕이 없어요.
Shikyokee uhbsuhyo.
I don’t have an appetite.

The doctor will ask questions accordingly.

언제부터 아프셨어요?
Uhnjebutuh ahpeushyeossuhyo?
Since when were you in pain?

How do you answer this question?

지난주 부터요.
Jinanjoo mutuhyo.
Since last week.

어제 부터요.
Uhjae butuhyo.
Since yesterday.

아침 부터요.  
Since this morning.

화요일 부터요.
Hwayoil butuhyo.
Since Tuesday.

Simply fill in the blank with a day.

_______ 부터요.
_______ butuhyo.
Since _______.

Here are other phrases the doctor may say:

심각하지 않아요.
Shimgakhaji ahnahyo.
It’s not serious.

검사가 더 필요해요.
Guhmsaga duh peelyohaeyo.
You need further examination.

결과는 며칠 있으면 나와요.  
Gyeolgwaneun myeochil isseumyun nawayo.
The results will come out in a couple days.

며칠 푹 쉬세요.
Myuhchil pook shwiseyo.
Rest for a couple days.

일 하러 가실 수 있어요.
Eel haruh gashil soo issuhyo.
You can go to work.

입원하셔야 돼요.
Eebwonhasyuhya dwaeyo.
You need to be hospitalized.

수술해야 돼요.
Soosoolhaeya dwaeyo.
You need surgery.

If you need to be hospitalized, it’s important to know the cost. You’ll chose the type of room as well.

입원실 종류가 어떻게 돼죠?
Ebwonshil jongryuga uhdduhgae dwaejyo?
What types of rooms are there?

Every hospital may be different, but here are some room types:
기준병실 - a room for 5+ people - cheapest
3인실 - a room for 3 people
2인실 - a room for 2 people
1인실 - a room 1 person
특실 - special room
VIP실 - VIP room - most expensive

입원실 비용이 어떻게 돼죠?
Eebwonshil beeyongee uhdduhgae dwaejyo?
How much does it cost to be hospitalized?

얼마동안 입원해야 되나요?
Uhlmadongahn eebwonhaeya dwaenayo?
How long do you think I need to be hospitalized?

언제 퇴원할 수 있나요?
Uhnjae twaewonhal soo itnayo?
When can I be discharged?

If you’re in an emergency situation and would like the first available room, you can say:
빈 병실 나오는대로 주세요.
Bin byungshil naohneundaero juseyo.
Please give me the next available hospital room.

Many things can happen while you’re at the hospital, but everyone will end up in the same place: to pay the bill. Hope your visit didn’t cost too much!

How much is it?

건강보험증 있어요.
Geongangboheomjeung issuhyo.
I have an insurance card.

건강보험증 없어요.
Geongangboheomjeung eobsuhyo.
I don’t have an insurance card.

To learn how to count money, watch KWOW episode 78.

Was there a point when you needed someone to repeat something?
다시 말해 주세요.
Dashi malhae juseyo.
Please say that again.