Professor Oh
Anyong chingoo!
There are many things to do when you’re in Seoul

Billy Jin
Like shopping and being close to your favorite Kpop stars!

Taekwon Do
And eating up all the street foods

Granny Kim

Professor Oh
And let’s not forget to absorb Korea’s modern and traditional culture
From Hongdae to Itaewon to Gangnam to Insadong, Seoul’s got soul

Granny Kim
Introducing… Grannies’ Generation second hit single!

Professor Oh
Visit the five grand palaces
Got time for one?
Go to Gyeongbokgung
By the Han River, ride a bike and watch the sunset
Sleep in a hanok, the traditional Korean house
Stroll along the Cheonggyecheon Stream

Billy Jin
Hey ladies, look around. it’s cafe heaven
Cat cafe, dog cafe, many stories tall cafe
Drink tons of caffeine because you’re gonna go shopping at
Myeongdong, Hongdae, Namdaemun and Garosugil! 
Then midnight shopping at Dongdaemun
Mmmmm… Ice cream!
Sticker photos with your oppa and friends!

Taekwon Do
Eat spicy rice cakes at Tteokbokki Town
Grill your K-BBQ
Go to Pancake Alley at Gongdeok Market
Hey hey street food lovers, go to Gwangjang Market.

Granny Kim
Go clubbing in Hongdae
See Kpop stars at Club NB
Let’s burn the dance floor, I’m ready
Also at Hongdae you can…
Watch musicians perform on the street
Buy trendy clothes and tasty eats
Attend indie concerts you’ll like those beats
Enjoy the graffiti that’s real neat
Hello Kitty Cafe? Life’s complete!
Nightlife? Get Gangnam Style
Noraebang and hookah lounge yo!
Il cha, ee cha, sam cha, sah!
Party at Itaewonnnnnnnn

Professor Oh
Explore the twisting alleys of Insadong
And its main street, of course!
It’s got art galleries, hansik feasts and traditional everything~

Billy Jin
Show off your aegyo with the K-celebs!
Walk by the Kpop entertainment companies
You just might see EXO, Big Bang, Miss A and 4 Minute!
Actually Cube Entertainment has a cafe on its first floor.

Taekwon Do
Eat North Korean noodles at Nengmyun Street

Professor Oh
Hike on Bukhansan

Taekwon Do
And don’t forget to try kimchi

Billy Jin
After clubbing hard, you gotta maintain your youth at the 24-hour Korean spa.
This type of sweating is relaxing!
Hang out in Daehakno, Korea’s theatre district.
It’s artsy fartsy with cute cafes.

Professor Oh
There are more places to see…
Bukchon Hanok Village~
Hangang Park~
Banpo Bridge~
Bongeunsa Temple~
Seoul Fortress Wall~
Gwanghwamun Square~
KWOW season 4 may be over,
but one ending leads to a new beginning.
Who knows what’s next?

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