For all visual demonstrations of the following list, watch the video above :)

  1. Take a LOVE SHOT with your crush! Actually you can share this fun and flirty moment with anyone: your significant other, friends, momma, poppa, etc.
  2. Enjoy a pitcher of YOGURT SOJU! As a kid, my friends and I liked to drink the Asian yogurt drinks. Now yogurt drinks grew up and married soju. It's a popular beverage sold in Korea and Koreatown LA.
  3. Take a ride on the SEOUL TRAIN! The more friends, the better. Line up a glass of half-filled beer, then place a line of shot glasses of soju on top. Knock one side of the soju line and the rest tumble like dominoes! Check out the epically long Seoul Train in Psy's "Hangover" video at 42 seconds in.
  4. Get fruity with WATERMELON SOJU! It's a refreshing treat for the hot summer days and a great tropical vacation in the mouth during chilly winter months.
  5. Or you can just drink your soju VIRGIN! Bring your bottle of soju to enjoy by the Han River. Maybe drink it on your hike at Bukhansan Mountain (which Yoonah and I did in this KWOW episode).
  6. Shake your soju bottle to create a TORNADO! Not up and down, but shake in rotated circles. Then stop upright. Some say soju tornadoes soften the flavor, but no one really knows why Koreans love to shake it. It sure can be a great arm exercise!
  7. Play some drinking games, like FLICK THE SOJU CAP! After popping open your bottle, don't toss the cap. There will be a metal strip dangling. Take turns flicking it with your buddies. Whoever flicks the metal off is the winner! Either the people sitting right and left of them drink, or just everyone. Watch the demo in the video above.
  8. Another game with the cap: GUESS THE NUMBER. Many soju caps have a number written inside. Whoever guesses the correct number chooses who will drink the next shot of soju.
  9. Drink your soju with ANJU! Anju are foods that accompany alcohol. Every type of alcohol has their own dedicated set of anju. Pork belly is eaten with soju, while fried chicken is eaten with beer.
  10. After the party, CLEAN WITH SOJU! Some Korean BBQ restaurants replace the top of soju bottles with a spray and use the alcohol to wipe tables. True story.