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Korean Phrases 9: At the Cafe


Korean Phrases 9: At the Cafe

*the following phrases are formal

BARISTA: 어서오세요. 주문하시겠어요?
Uhsuhoseyo. Joomoonhashigessuhyo?
Welcome. Would you like to order?

YOU: 커피 한잔 주세요.
Kuhpi hanjan juseyo.
Please give me a cup of coffee.

BARISTA: 어떤 사이즈로 드릴까요?  
Uhddeon ssaeejeuro deurilggayo?
Which size would you like?

YOU: 라지 주세요.
Lahjiro juseyo.
Please give me the large size.

BARISTA: 더 필요하신거 있어요?
Duh pilyohashinguh essuhyo?
Is there anything else you’d like?

YOU: 아뇨. 그거면 되요.
Ahnyo. Geuguhmyun dwaeyo.
Nope. That’s all.

BARISTA: 여기서 드실거예요?
Yuhgisuh deushilguhyeyo?
Will you be having it here?

YOU: 가져갈거예요.
I’m taking it to-go.

BARISTA: 사천 오백원입니다.
Sacheon obekwonipnida.
Your total is 4,500 won.

YOU: 카드 받으세요?
Kadeuh bahdeuseyo?
Do you accept credit cards?

BARISTA: 죄송하지만 현금만 받습니다.
Jwesonghajiman hyungeumman bahdseubnida.  
I’m sorry, but we only accept cash.

YOU hand over the cash.

BARISTA: 영수증 드릴까요?  
Yongsujoong deurilggayo?
Would you like your receipt?

YOU: 네, 영수증 주세요.  
Ne, yongsoojeung juseyo.
Yes, please give me the receipt.

BARISTA: 감사합니다. 잠시만 기다려주세요.
Gamsahapnida. Jamshiman gidaryuhjuseyo.
Thank you. Your order will be out shortly.

YOU: 감사합니다.
Thank you.

And now let’s break down the conversation and learn some variations.

카페라떼 한잔 주세요.
Kapaeladdae hanjan juseyo.
Please give me a cup of Cafe Latte.

But what if you want a green tea or some other drink?

녹차 주세요.
Nokcha juseyo.
Please give me green tea.

커피 한잔 주세요.
Kuhpi hanjan juseyo.
Please give me a cup of coffee.

마끼아또 주세요.
Maggiaddo juseyo.
Please give me a macchiato.

Just fill in the blank for other drinks and snacks.

_______ 주세요.
_______ juseyo.
Please give me _______.

If you’d like more than one thing, just add 하고 (hago/and) between the nouns.

커피하고 비스킷 주세요.
Kuhpihago biseukeet juseyo.
Please give me coffee and biscuit.

유자차하고 치즈 케이크 주세요.
Yujachahago chijeu kaeekeu juseyo.
Please give me citron tea and cheesecake.

에스프레소하고 카푸치노 주세요.
Aeseupeuraesohago kapoochino juseyo.
Please give me an espresso and cappuccino.

Just fill in the blank for other drinks and snacks.

_______하고 _______ 주세요.
_______ hago _______ juseyo.
Please give me _______ and _______.

BARISTA: 어떤 사이즈로 드릴까요?
Uhddeon ssaeejeuro deurilggayo?
Which size would you like?

스몰 주세요.
Seumol juseyo.
Small, please.

미디엄 주세요.
Medium juseyo.
Medium, please.

라지 주세요.
Lahji juseyo.
Large, please.

Fill in the blank with a size.

_______ 주세요.
_______ juseyo.
_______, please.
(also: Please give me a _______.)

Or maybe you’re at a Starbucks in Korea?

그란데 주세요.
Geurande juseyo.
Grande, please.

벤티 주세요.
Benti juseyo.
Venti, please.

트렌타 주세요.
Teurenta juseyo.
Trenta, please.

The barista will confirm your order, then ask:

BARISTA: 여기서 드실거예요?
Yuhgisuh deushilguhyeyo?
Will you be having it here?

YOU: 여기서 마실거예요.
Yuhgisuh mashilguhyeyo.
I’ll drink it here.

Or maybe you’re on the run.

YOU: 포장해 주세요.
Please make it to go.

The barista will total bill. You want to pay by credit card.

YOU: 카드 받으세요?
Kadeu bahdeuseyo?
Do you accept credit cards?

Some businesses do cash-only.

BARISTA: 죄송하지만 현금만 받습니다.  
Jwesonghajiman hyungeumman bahdseupnida.
I’m sorry, but we only accept cash.

The important keyword for you to lookout for is HYUNGEUM (현금), which means cash. Do you want a receipt?

YOU: 영수증 주세요.
Yongsoojeung juseyo.
Please give me the receipt.

Don’t forget to be polite and say thank you.

YOU: 감사합니다.
Thank you.

Here are some more useful phrases.

와이파이 되요?
Waeepaee dwaeyo?
Do you have wifi?

와이파이 비밀번호가 뭐예요?
Waeepaee bimilbeonhoga mwoyeyo?
What’s the wifi password?

콘센트 있어요?
Konsenteu issuhyo?
Is there an outlet?

얼음 넣어주세요.
Uleum nuhuhjuseyo.
Please put ice in it.

제가 시킨 게 아닌대요.
Jega shikeen gye ahneendaeyo.
I didn’t order this.

Let’s say the barista is cute. You decide to be bold and make a move.

전화번호가 뭐예요?
Jeonhwabeonhoga mwoyeyo?
What’s your number?


Americano / 아메리카노 / ahmericano
Cafe Latte / 카페라테 / kapelateh
Cappuccino / 카푸치노 / kapoochino
Espresso / 에스프레소 / aeseupeuraeso
latte / 라떼 / laddae
Macchiato / 마끼아또 / maggiahddo
milk / 우유 / ooyoo
soymilk / 두유 / doyoo
tea / 차 / cha
green tea / 녹차 / nokcha
citron tea / 유자차 / yoojacha

Hot / 뜨거운 / ddeuguhoon
Cold / 차가운  / chagaoon
Warm / 따뜻한 / ddaddeuthan

sandwich / 샌드위치 / sendeuwichi
salad / 샐러드 / selluhdeu
cookie / 쿠키 / kooki
biscuit / 비스킷 / biseukit
cake / 케이크 / keheekeu
cheesecake / 치즈 케이크 / chijeu keheekeu

Notice how most of the drinks are Koreanized versions of American words.


Broccoli Latte at Homestead Coffee and more


Broccoli Latte at Homestead Coffee and more

My friends and I came across a Homestead Coffee in Daehangno after watching a play. Homestead Coffee is a chain restaurant and cafe with locations scattered throughout Korea. Some people love their coffee. My friend thought their Americano was average. I don't drink coffee, but I do eat food. Thus I will give an honest review of our brunch, dessert and broccoli latte. Yes, you heard right. Broccoli!

The interior is your average clean Korean cafe interior. Cozy yet nothing too unique. Brick walls with framed images. Chairs and light fixtures made of straw. Strings of purple lights hung on windows and trees. Decorations to create that likeable cafe vibe.

homestead coffee interior
homestead coffee decoration
homestead coffee interior seating

The Homestead Coffee menu contains interesting items. Two words popped out into our eyes: Broccoli Latte. Curious of its taste we challenged ourselves and ordered a cup. We predicted the drink would be a hit or miss.

homestead order counter

The three of us took a sip each. The Broccoli Latte tasted more like a soup than a drink. We agreed it is not something we'd order again, but is something to experience once. It may be an acquired taste. The Broccoli Latte is comparable to juiced Unicorn Grass. The flavor is magical in a strange and memorable way.

broccoli latte

Their Mushroom Omelette was oh-so-juicy and will wake your taste buds up! My friend said it tasted like a sunrise. To me it tasted like an alarm clock. Sunrise and alarm clock are siblings. We highly recommend this omelette, especially if you didn't get enough sleep from the night before. Your eyes will pop out from the deliciousness.

mushroom omelette

The Cajun Salad was not as eye-poppingly yummy. The chicken was dry and it didn't contain much nutritious vegetables. It's rare to come by a legitimate salad in Korea. As of winter 2014, the locals here are passionately in love with refined carbs (i.e. rice cakes, white bread, thick waffles, etc).

cajun salad

The Dojima Roll is soft and creamy as it looks. It is slightly sweet. For a stronger dose of sugar, dip your piece of the roll onto the caramel drizzled on the plate.

dojima roll

Would I go back to Homestead Coffee? Quite possibly at another location. Though for the rest of my stay in Korea, I'll be searching for the mom and pop shops.

homestead coffee storefront

Homestead Coffee
Phone number: +82 2-744-3359
Address (in Korean): 종로구 동숭동 1-93 (대학로점), Seoul
Direction: Exit 2 at Hyehwa Station. Walk east on Daehak-ro 10 gil until street ends. Make right turn on Daehak-ro 12-gil. Homestead Coffee will be on your right.


Cafe O'Fete at Seorae Village


Cafe O'Fete at Seorae Village

After a hearty brunch at The Page, my cousins and I looked for a cafe. We originally wanted to go to Hotel Douce, but there were only two tables which sat two people each. Needless to say, it was a tiny cafe. We wandered to the heart of Seorae Village hoping to find a Frenchy spot. There was a place called Cafe O'Fete (오페뜨). It sounded promising. So in we went! Considering it was Sunday it was no surprise how long we waited to get seats. There's a covered patio with heaters. However the inside is unarguably nicer.

cafe ofete interior

Two Americanos for my cousins. A cup of African Solstice tea for me. The sinfully glossy Petit Cacao (카카오 쁘띠) indulges in each bit of light it can get. The Petit Fig Tart (무화과 타르트 쁘띠) looks like a macro view of a Monet painting.

cafe ofete dessert 1
cafe ofete dessert 2

Wintery lights.

wintery lights

The cafe is good for a conversation with girlfriends. I wouldn't come here to study.

On the way to a train station, we walk through street lined up with naked trees. Can you imagine how romantic it'd be if it were autumn?

walking seorae village

Cafe O'Fete
Address (in Korean)
: 서울특별시 동작구 동작대로45가길
Address (in English): Dongjak-daero 45ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul