Korean women of each household traditionally would gather and handmake half-moon shaped songpyeon (Korean rice cakes). It was said those who made pretty songpyeon would have a beautiful daughter. These days songpyeon are sold at Korean markets, so no need to worry about making ugly songpyeon!

The average songpyeon looks decent, indicating that its creators will have semi-beautiful daughters...

More lovingly-prepared pretty songpyeon populate the world as well! Behold, the 17 beautiful daughters! Some more elegant than others.

1. Detailed songpyeon topped off with mini flowers.

2. Songpyeon mimicking flowers and leaves.

3. Plump-petaled songpyeon.

4. Skinny, glossy songpyeon with simple decoration.

Whoever made these will have classy supermodels as a daughters!

5. Round, juicy songpyeon that make boobs and butts jealous.

6. Extended family of colorful songpyeon resting on a bed of pine needles.

7. Multi-layered petals blossoming on green songpyeon.

Dark and pointy. Don't mess with this bunch. They mean business!

8. Persimmon songpyeon.

Too cute to chew!

9. Square songpyeon wrapped like gifts, topped off with a ribbon.

10. Songpyeon that unintentionally look like tacos.

11. Mass production songpyeon.

Them machines will have pretty daughters.

12. Animal songpyeon!

Once these are steamed, they'll be glossy with softened edges.

13. Halloween songpyeon.

14. Pumpkin songpyeon minus the Halloween.

15. Cinderella-style pumpkin songpyeon.

16. Strawberry songpyeon.

17. Clam songpyeon. Looks like lips!

Whether the rice cakes turn out pretty or homely, how can you not smile when you see little kids making them?

Don't you love when men take over the kitchen? These two give me too much endorphin.