Bonjour Restaurant & Cafe, pronounced as "bong-joo-roo" in Korean (봉주르), is made of multiple buildings. You have more than enough options to choose where you want to hangout with friends and loved ones. There are designated locations for eating, drinking and firing up your marshmallows!

Located approximately 20 miles east from central Seoul, the 90-minute drive is worth to take your date on a day trip. On the way to the restaurant, you'll get a view of the Han River and pass by a wall covered by written confessions of love.

I recommend driving to Bonjour before sunset so you can get a clear view of the mountains and river. After the sun sets sit around the campfire and get toasty. Gather your friends, tell stories and laugh your butt off. Or share some smooches with your significant other.

I've been told Bonjour is more known for its ambiance than food. I agree the venue outshines the food. Regardless what my friends and I ordered was edible. Their Mung Bean Pancake (녹두빈대떡/nok-du-bin-dae-tteok) was simple and standard. It had a light crisp. Yummy in a bland sort of way. Cost: 15,000 won.

The Earthen Bowl of Yukgaejang (뚝배기 육개장/ttukbaegi yukgaejang) was slightly spicy. Bonjour's looked more bold than its taste. FYI: Yukgaejang is a soup simmered for many hours with beef, scallions, chili peppers and other ingredients. Cost: 8,000 won.

Their Pot of Sujebi (항아리 수제비/hangari sujebi) contained clams, zucchini and its usual hand-torn pieces of dough. It came with a little plate of chopped chili peppers. I poured in all the chili and ended up with a very spicy yet refreshing sujebi. It turned out to be even spicier than the yukgaejang! Cost: 8,000 won.

After dinner my friends and I changed location within Bonjour. We went inside the cafe building. We ordered and payed our drinks first then brought them over to the shoeless seating area. It was a Thursday night so it wasn't too packed. In fact it was only us and a couple sharing the whole room.

Another view of one of the cafe areas. There is another seating option on the other side of this same building! You wear shoes on the other side.

Wherever you go within Bonjour, the lights are made of straw hats.

Wherever you go within Bonjour, the lights are made of straw hats.

Bonjour Restuarant & Cafe
Address (in Korean)
: 조안면 능내리 산68-3, 남양주시, 경기도
Address (in English): Jo-ahn-myeon neung-nae-ri san 68-3, Nam-yang-ju-shi, Gyeonggido
Phone: +82 31-576-7711