10 Phrases for Bargain Shopping in Korean

  1. 그냥 구경 좀 할게요.
    Geunyang googyung jom halggeyo.
    I’m just browsing.
  2. ________ 있어요?
    ________ issuhyo?
    Do you have ________?

    검은 치마 있어요?
    Geomeun chima issuhyo?
    Do you have black dresses?

    빨간 하이힐 있어요?
    Bbalgan haiheel issuhyo?
    Do you have red high heels?

    갈색 외투 있어요?
    Galsek waeteu issuhyo?
    Do you have brown coats?
  3. 다른 사이즈 있어요?
    Dareun ssaejeu issuhyo?
    Do you have another size?

    다른 색 있어요?
    Dareun sek issuhyo?
    Do you have it in another color?
  4. 입어봐도 돼요?
    Eebuhbwado dwaeyo?
    Can I try it on?
  5. 얼마예요?
    How much is it?
  6. 좀 깎아 주세요.
    Jom ggagga juseyo.
    Please give me a discount.
  7. 더 둘러보고 올게요.
    Duh dooluhbogo olggaeyo.
    I’ll come back after I look around.
  8. 다른 가게에선 더 싼대요.
    Dareun gageaesun duh ssandaeyo.
    It is cheaper at another shop.
  9. 이거 살께요.
    Eguh salggeyo.
    I’ll buy this.
  10. 감사합니다. 많이 파세요.
    Gamsahapnida. Manee paseyo.
    Thank you. Please sell a lot.

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