It is said that Korea is the most wired country in the world. But before the invention of computers and cell phones, what did Koreans do to keep themselves entertained? Chicken fight, of course! Along with other traditional games.

Korean Chicken Fights don't use real chickens. These are battles of human against human. So how to you play?

  1. Bend one leg and grab your ankle with two hands.
  2. Hop on one foot as you try to knock your opponents down (without hurting them).
  3. Last person standing wins!

You must keep two hands on your ankle at all times. Let go even one hand and you are disqualified. If you're casually playing, then hop around without limit! However if boundaries are set, you are disqualified if you step outside of the determined lines.

Typically the two opposing teams have the same number of players. There can also be multiple solo players. In this Korean entertainment show, the players are distributed unevenly into 3:1 because of kickboxer Choi Hong-man's strong build:

Be wary of men in black! Here's a funny chicken fight from Star King:

For you Kpop fans out there, even Minho from SHINEE partakes in Korean chicken fights!

Korean entertainers breaking out into a chicken fight to give their fans a good laugh:

The best thing about Korean Chicken Fights? You don't have to be Korean to play! You can play it anywhere in the world. Even on a muddy beach! B.A.P. demonstrates as such:

Tune in next week to learn more fun and informative facts on Korean culture!