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GGUH JYUH (꺼져) is the Korean slang word for "Get away!" Other translations include: beat it, get lost, back off, and scram.

Gguh jyuh is a conjugation of the verb gguh jee dah (꺼지다). Gguh jee dah may be used in various situations. It can mean "to be turned off" (i.e. My phone was turned off), for a candle "to be blown out" and "to cave in" regarding sunken roads.

Time for some KWOW exercises!

How many GGUH JYUH's can you find in 2NE1's "I Don't Care" music video?

The first GGUH JYUH is sung at 0:55 by Minzy:
매일 하루에 수십번 꺼져있는 핸드폰
Everyday your phone is always turned off
Maeil harueh sooshipbun gguhjyuheetneun hendeupon

CL shouts out the second GGUH JYUH at 3:39:
아님 눈 앞에서 당장 꺼져
If not, get out of my sight (If not, get away from me)
Ahnim noon apaesuh dangjang gguhjyuh

Can you spot the first GGUH JYUH in Seo Inyoung's "Loser"?

Did you find it? It appears at 1:07!

GRAND FINALE QUESTION! How many GGUH JYUH's are there in G.NA's "I'll Go Away so You Can Live Well" (꺼져 줄게 잘 살아)? Write ONE answer in the comment section below, along with a question you'd like to ask Billy Jin. The first FIVE people to get the correct answer wins a reply from Miss Aegyo! :)