BABO (바보) has multiple definitions. Depending on your intention, the term can be neutral or offensive. In neutral tones, babo can mean "fool" and "blockhead." Offensive versions of babo include "stupid." Babo can also refer to a mentally handicapped person. You'll hear various versions of babo in K-pop songs and Korean dramas.

Remember: babo is not a bad word, unless you intend it to be. Use the word playfully and gently with family and friends, but never call an elder a babo!

There's an endearing movie called "Babo," starring Cha Tae-Hyun (from the classic Korean romantic comedy "My Sassy Girl"). While the literal translation of the film title is "Fool," its official English title is "Miracle of a Giving Fool."

Here's a brief summary: The main character Seung-ryong suffered from an accident in his childhood leaving him to be a babo, a mentally handicapped person. Now 27 years old, he sells his famous toasts while keeping an eye out for two people: his younger sister and the return of his childhood love Ji-ho.

You can watch the full movie with English subtitles on Youtube. Let's begin with part one:

By the way, did you notice the young Ji-ho is played by Sulli from f(x)?

Time for our KWOW word search exercises!

When does the *fourth* BABO appear in 2AM's performance of "Like a Fool" (바보처럼)? (The song is a soundtrack from the Korean drama "Personal Taste," starring Lee Min Ho.)

The next one is for you Big Bang fans out there! How many BABOs appear in their "A Fool of Tears" song?

BABO appears once at 2:22 :)

GRAND FINALE QUESTION: How many BABOs are in Epik High's "Babo" song? The echos count, too!

Write ONE answer in the comment section below, along with a question you'd like to ask Granny Kim. First THREE people to get the answer correct wins a reply from our hip-hoppin granny!