In KWOW episode 41 (see below) we learned about the famous Korean slang word JJANG (짱), which means "best" or "the best."

Jjang is used by itself or in a sentence. It can also be combined with other words. Ever heard of "uljjang" (얼짱)? Also romanized as "ulzzang" with double Z's, this term literally means "best face." Ulzzang is popularly used towards females who do their makeup in a specific style of wearing circle lenses and long fake eyelashes. They tend to have small lips and light skin. It helps to take the photo at an higher angle.

Meet some ulzzang girls:

Males can be ulzzang too. Examples of ulzzang boys:

Some people love the ulzzang look. While others not so much.

Another combination is "mohmjjang" (몸짱). Mohm means body. We already know jjang means best. Thus mohm and jjang together makes "best body."

Taekwon Do reveals the content under his clothes.

Taekwon Do reveals the content under his clothes.

Know someone who sings well? You say they are "noraejjang" (노래짱). Best singer.

Know someone who dances well? Call them "choomjjang" (춤짱). Best dancer.

And the list goes on!