There will be times you crave ethnic foods other than the cuisine native to the country you're visiting. If you seek Indian food during your stay in Seoul, head over to Everest Restaurant where they serve Nepalese Indian fare. Vegetarian options are available. Tucked behind a bustling main street, keep your eyes open when looking for the eatery. Address: 148-1, 2F, Changsin 1-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul-si In Korean: 서울 종로구 창신1동 148-1번지 2층

Directions: Exit 3 from the Dongdaemun Station. Turn left at the end of the block (Jongro 51 gil). Then turn right at the first intersecting street (Jongro 51 ga-gil). Everest Restaurant is located on the second floor of a wooden and tiled building (see below).

everest exterior
everest sign

Start off with the gentle Mango Lassi. I describe it as "gentle" because compared to the mango lassis I've had in Los Angeles and Barcelona, its sweetness is light. Quite possibly it may be a very healthy mango lassi considering they didn't add much sugar. Or perhaps none at all.

mango lassi

Maybe it is prepared juicier on better days, but the Chicken Tikka we were served was dry. However there are no problems on the dining table. Solve the dry chicken by dipping it into curry.

chicken tikka

We immersed our deserty chicken into the spicy Malai Kofta. I'd rename it as "Candy Curry" due to its sweetness.

malai kofta

An Indian meal is never complete without some naan. My foodie friend (a.k.a.: my mother) and I made Indian tacos by tearing off medium-sized pieces of the Butter Naan. Then placed bits of chicken topped off with a spoonful of malai kofta, a sprinkle of flavorful cabbage and a squeeze of lemon. Have a bite. It'll taste like a Bollywood party in your mouth! Watch KWOW episode 138 for the demo :)

butter naan

The colorful interior of Everest Restaurant during peak lunch hour.

everest restaurant interior

Would I dine at Everest again? Verdict: hardcore yes. The food is delicious and affordable. The waiters and waitresses are native Nepalese. Dining here is a mini vacation. And who doesn't like a little getaway?

Map from Dongdaemun Station to Everest Restaurant: