Who after watching "Old Boy" doesn't want to try live octopus? While I don't recommend Mr. Daesu's rugged style of eating sannakji as you may choke to death, you can head to Noryangjin Fish Market and have your live octopus cut by the seafood vendor into bite size pieces. Or have it prepared at a local seafood restaurant.

I challenged not only myself but also my mother. Will these two ladies chicken out or grow some balls? Ahem. I mean, be brave enough to try live octopus for the first time in their lives? Watch KWOW episode 136 to find out.

Directions to Noryangjin Fish Market: exit 1 from the Noryangjin Station. Walk up the stairs to the bridge and cross to the other side. Turn left and walk down a couple flights of stairs.

While walking the bridge you will see 63 City, a tall golden skyscraper on your left. It was built in 1988 for the Summer Olympics and houses a sea world, IMAX theater, wax museum and art gallery. Trivia: Psy dances in front of 63 City in his "Gentleman" music video.

Before you walk down the last set of stairs, be sure to look over the Noryangjin Market. In one glimpse you'll see the grid of seafood vendors.

Plenty of vendors sell live octopus. Stroll around and choose your preferred size. Admire the diverse colors and textures of other seafood while you're at it.

Then I came across an octopus with a cute butt. I decided to eat a smaller one from another tank.

Live octopus is commonly dipped in sesame oil before consumption. I decided to enjoy mine raw to the maximum without any additional flavors.

The reason people go wild over live octopus? Even when cut, the legs and other parts continue to move. Their tentacles will stick to your fingers. Chew well when eating! Otherwise the moving parts may stick to your throat.

I assumed my mother would not try the live octopus. She actually peeled a sticky piece off the to-go box and placed it into her mouth. After some chewing and pensive thinking, she stated it was delicious.

Would I try live octopus again? Perhaps if it's prepared with sesame oil. Eating live octopus is an unique experience, but I did feel bad for eating the little guy. The vegan gods are after me now.