1. Pigs in America: OINK OINK. 
    Pigs in Korea: GGOOL GGOOL (꿀꿀). 

  2. Sheep and goats in America: BAH. 
    Sheep and goats in Korean: MAE EH (매애).

  3. Cows in America: MOO.
    Cows in Korea: EUM MAE (음매).

  4. Dogs in America: WOOF.
    Dogs in Korea: MUNG MONG (멍멍).

  5. Lions to Americans: ROAR & GROWL.
    Lions to Koreans: EU REU RUNG (으르렁).
    Trivia: "Eu Reu Rung" is the name of a Kpop song by EXO.

  6. Chicks in America: CHEEP CHEEP. 
    Chicks in Korea: BBEE YAK BBEE YAK (삐악삐악).

  7. Roosters in America: COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO.
    Roosters in Korea: GGO GGEE OH (꼬끼오). 

  8. Hens in America: CACKLE & CLUCK.
    Hens in Korea: GGO GGO DEK (꼬꼬댁) & GGO GGO (꼬꼬).

  9. Crows in America: CAW CAW.
    Crows in Korea: GGA AK GGA AK (까악까악).

  10. Ducks in America: QUACK.
    Ducks in Korea: GGWEK GGWEK (꽥꽥).

  11. Birds in America: TWEET TWEET.
    Birds in Korea: JJEK JJEK (짹짹). 

  12. Mice in America: SQUEAK.
    Mice in Korea: JJEEK JJEEK (찍찍).

  13. Snakes in America: HISS.
    Snakes in Korea: (silence).

  14. Frogs in America: CROAK.
    Frogs in Korea: GAE GOOL GAE GOOL (개골개골).

  15. Cats in America: MEOW.
    Cats in Korea: YA ONG (야옹).

What’s your favorite Korean animal sound? And what kind of sounds do cats make in YOUR country? Let us know the comment section below :)