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10 Korean Phrases For Pancake Alley


10 Korean Phrases For Pancake Alley

공덕시장이 어디 있어요?
Gongdeok Shijangee uhdi issuhyo?
Where’s Gongdeok Market?

Anytime you want to know where something is, place a noun in the blank space.
_______ 어디 있어요?
_______ uhdi issuhyo?
Where’s ________?

집게 어디 있어요?
Jeepgae uhdi issuhyo?
Where’s the tong?

제 재킷 어디 있어요?
Je jacket uhdi issuhyo?
Where’s my jacket?

전은 어디서 팔아요?
Jeoneun uhdisuh parayo?
Where do they sell pancakes here?

김치전 팔아요?
Kimchi jeon uhdisuh parayo?
Do you sell kimchi pancakes?

Simply state your desired type of pancake, then place PARAYO afterwards.
__________ 팔아요?
________ parayo?
Do you sell _________?

파전 팔아요?
Do you sell green onion pancakes?
감자전 팔아요?

Do you sell potato pancakes?
녹두전 팔아요?
Do you sell mung bean pancakes?

뭐가 제일 맛있어요?
Mwoga jeil masshisuhyo?
What’s the most delicious?

여기서 먹겠습니다.
Yuhgisuh mukgesseubnida.
I’ll eat here.

Pojanghae juseyo.
Please make it to-go.

메뉴판 주세요.
Menyupan juseyo.
Please give me the menu.

저기요! 주문할께요.
Juhgiyo! Jumoonhalggeyo.
Hello there! I’d like to place my order.

막걸리 주세요.
Makeolli juseyo.
Please give me a bottle of makeolli.

번데기탕 주세요.
Beondegitang juseyo.
Please give me silkworm larvae soup.

Anytime you want something, fill the blank in the following statement.
________ 주세요.
________ juseyo.
Please give me _______.

포장해 주실 수 있어요?
Pojanghae jushil soo issuhyo?
Can you wrap this?

Gyesanhae juseyo.
Please total the bill.