This week's Korean word is 더 (duh), which means “more, further, and another.” Here are some examples using DUH:

소금이 더 필요하다.
Sogeumi duh pilyohada.
It needs more salt.

한가지 더 물어 봐도 될까요?
Hangaji duh mooluh bwado dwelggayo?
May I ask one more thing?

어때요? 더 드시겠어요?
Uhddeyo? Duh deushigessuhyo?
How is it? Would you like some more?

지금 몇시야? 더 이상 못 기다리겠어.
Jigeum myeosshiya? Duh esang mot gidarigessuh.
What time is it right now? I can’t wait anymore.

조금만 더 기다려 주세요.
Jogeumman duh gidaryuh juseyo.
Please wait a little more.

뭐 더 필요 하신거 있어요?
Mwo duh pilyo hashinguh issuhyo?
Is there anything else you need more of?

One of the common phrases using 더 (duh) is: 더 주세요 (duh juseyo), which means “give me more, please.” Let’s say you’re at a Korean restaurant and you’d like more kimchi:

김치 더 주세요.
Kimchi duh juseyo.
Please give me more kimchi.

Anytime you are asking for something, place a noun before 더 주세요 (duh juseyo):
___________ 더 주세요.
___________ duh juseyo.
Please give me more/another ____________.

Here are some examples:

물 더 주세요.
Mool duh juseyo.
Please give me more water.

반찬 더 주세요.
Banchan duh juseyo.
Please give me more side dishes.

밥 한 그릇 더 주세요.
Bap han geureut duh juseyo.
Please give me another bowl of rice.

If you go out to party in Korea, you’re gonna need these following phrases that use 더 (duh):

자, 한잔 더 하자!
Jah, hanjan duh haja!
Alright, have another shot!

한잔 더 하시겠어요?
Hanjan duh hashigessuhyo?
Would you like another shot?

많이 취했네. 더 이상 마시지마.
Mani chwihetneh. Duh esang mashijima.
You’re very drunk. Don’t drink any more.

에이~ 조금 만 더 마시자.
Eh-ee~ Jogeum man duh mashija.
Aw, come on~ Let’s drink just a little more.

한잔 더! 한잔 더!
Hanjan duh! Hanjan duh!
One more shot! One more shot!

더이상 못 마시겠어요.
Duhesang mot mashigessuhyo.
I don’t think I can drink any more.

Note: If you’re drinking with the company, be sure you’re using the formal language when talking to bosses and older colleagues!

Let’s say you’re asking for directions. Where is this restaurant? Am I close to my destination? People may respond something along the lines of:

좀 더 가야 돼요.
Jom duh gaya dwaeyo.
You have to go a little more.

이십 미터 더 가야 돼요.
Eship mituh duh gaya dwaeyo.
You have to go 20 more meters. (formal)

차로가면 삼십분 더 가야 돼요.
Charogamyun samshipboon duh gaya dwaeyo.
If you go by car, you’ll have to go 30 more minutes.

Here are some Korean drama-ish phrases using 더 (duh):

더 이상 못 참겠어!
Duh esang mot chamgessuh!
I can’t stand it anymore!

한번만 더 안아 주세요.
Hanbunman duh ana juseyo.
Hug me once more, please.

한번 더 물어볼게. 내 돈 어디있어?!
Hanbun duh mooluhbolggeh. Nae don uhdissuh?
I’ll ask one more time. Where is my money?!

정보가 더 필요 해요.
Jungboga duh pilyo haeyo.
I need more information.

더 이상 말하기 싫어.
Duh esang malhagi shiruh.
I don’t want to talk any more.

시간이 갈수록 더 사랑해요.
Shigani galsoorok duh saranghaeyo.
As time goes by, I love you more.

What is YOUR favorite sentence that uses 더 (duh)?

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