Happy 50th KWOW! This week Granny Kim teaches you a lesson on swag:

There seems to be a misconception of ganji. Search online for "ganji style" or "ganji fashion" and you'll see photos of females wearing baggy pants paired with an oversized t-shirt.

Ganji is NOT a specific style! Just because you dress up like the females above does not make you ganji. This Korean slang term is much broader than that: GANJI means "swag" and "stylish." Anyone and anything can have ganji. For example…



저 남자 간지난다.
That man's got swag!
Juh namja ganjinandah!



드레스 간지난다.
The dress is stylish.
Deurehseu ganjinandah.

2NE1 간지난다.
2NE'1's got swag.
2NE1 ganjinandah.

Who do you think has GANJI?
For this week's mini contest...

  1. Fill in the blank "______ 간지난다!" with the name of your favorite K-pop singer. Write the complete phrase ten times on a paper. This will be good practice for you :)
  2. Take a photo.
  3. Upload it online via Twitter.
  4. Copy and paste the link in the comment section below, along with a QUESTION to Granny Kim. She likes crazy, fun, random questions!

First ten people to complete this task wins a reply from Granny Kim. No question, no reply! If you're confused, see the first comment below for the example.