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"I, My, Me, Mine" - Learn Korean Pronouns (KWOW #49)


"I, My, Me, Mine" - Learn Korean Pronouns (KWOW #49)

In our latest KWOW episode, we learned some omnipresent Korean words: I, my, me, and mine. Watch the video below if you haven't already:

Ready or not, it's time for our weekly KWOW exercises. Test out your new skills by seeing if you can spot this episode's vocabulary! Answers are located at end of this blog entry.

Question #1: How many I, my, me, and mine's do you hear in Se7en's "When I Can't Sing"?

Question #2: Where does the third MINE (naegguh/내꺼) appear in Infinite’s “Be Mine”?

Question #3: Are you ready for a challenge? How many Korean AND English variations of I, my, me, and mine's can you spot in 4Minute's "I, My, Me, Mine"?

GRAND FINALE QUESTION #4: How many MY's (NAE/내) can you find in Miss A's "Touch"?

Answer #1: Four times. Let's find them together, shall we?

  1. (0:12) 내가 모든걸 잃어도 -- Even if I lose everything
  2. (0:16) 내 인기가 떨어져도 -- Even if my popularity drops
  3. (0:26) 나라는 이유만으로 -- For the sole reason of me
  4. (0:29) 날 계속 사랑해 줄 수 있니 --Do you think you can continue to love me?

Answer #2: The third MINE (naegguh/내꺼) is sung at 2:04.

Answer #3: Whew! Granny Kim says she found 120 Korean and English versions of I, my, me, and mine. How many did you catch?

Answer #4: Write your answer in the comment section below with a fun question to Professor Oh. First *three* people to get the correct answer get a reply from this week’s KWOW host! No question, no reply. Try your best and good luck :)