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Cafe O'Fete at Seorae Village


Cafe O'Fete at Seorae Village

After a hearty brunch at The Page, my cousins and I looked for a cafe. We originally wanted to go to Hotel Douce, but there were only two tables which sat two people each. Needless to say, it was a tiny cafe. We wandered to the heart of Seorae Village hoping to find a Frenchy spot. There was a place called Cafe O'Fete (오페뜨). It sounded promising. So in we went! Considering it was Sunday it was no surprise how long we waited to get seats. There's a covered patio with heaters. However the inside is unarguably nicer.

cafe ofete interior

Two Americanos for my cousins. A cup of African Solstice tea for me. The sinfully glossy Petit Cacao (카카오 쁘띠) indulges in each bit of light it can get. The Petit Fig Tart (무화과 타르트 쁘띠) looks like a macro view of a Monet painting.

cafe ofete dessert 1
cafe ofete dessert 2

Wintery lights.

wintery lights

The cafe is good for a conversation with girlfriends. I wouldn't come here to study.

On the way to a train station, we walk through street lined up with naked trees. Can you imagine how romantic it'd be if it were autumn?

walking seorae village

Cafe O'Fete
Address (in Korean)
: 서울특별시 동작구 동작대로45가길
Address (in English): Dongjak-daero 45ga-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul


The Page at Little France in Seoul


The Page at Little France in Seoul

Sunday brunch. It was the first time my native Korean cousins and I went to Seorae Village (서래마을). People also refer to it as "Petit France" (Little France). As we walked to The Page (더페이지) for a hearty meal, we concluded that there's nothing very French about Korea's Little France. Trust me. I've been to Paris twice. Starbucks and other chain business were more present than French words. Nonetheless we enjoyed our meal.

The Oatmeal Steak with tangy salad and pickled veggies. Oatmeal is sprinkled on the buns, but where's the steak? The more appropriate title for the dish is "Caramelize Onion Sandwich." Aside from the name dispute, the Oatmeal Steak was the tastiest part of our brunch.

oatmeal steak

The cheesy Mini Gratin with three crispy breads. When it came to flavor, the sausages were a close first place with the Oatmeal Steak.

mini gratin

Our brunch from top. It must be awesome to be a bird. Everything looks more exciting from the top.

food from top

Rye Berry Scones for 3,000 won each.

rye berry scones

Bread so fresh your eyes will evaporate. These babies go fast. Better buy them while you can!

fresh bread

Carby Clouds~ These guys look so cushiony. I was tempted to jump on them and bounce right off.

more bread

The view when you enter The Page. Order and pick-up your meal on the right. Seating areas on left, right and up the stairs. Many places to sit yet the restaurant gets packed.

the page interior
interior the page concrete

Second floor. The architecture is made of neutral colors: wood, concrete and metal. The colorful art stands out.

the page graffiti
the page interior window
the page second floor

Third floor. We finally find a place to sit.


The art on every floor is made by and dedicated to none other than the precious generation who will one day rule the world: children ♥

child lead the future

Afterwards we went to Cafe O'Fete for coffee and tea.

The Page
Address (in Korean): 서울 서초구 방배동 796-29 796-29
Address (in English): Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul ‎
Phone: 02-536-5961