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Korean Phrases: Ordering Food at a Restaurant


Korean Phrases: Ordering Food at a Restaurant

Please give it to me.

메뉴 주세요.
Mehnyu juseyo.
Please give me/us the menu.

김치찌개 주세요.
Kimchi jjigae juseyo.
Please give me/us kimchi stew.

뭍 주세요.
Mool juseyo.
Please give me/us water.

계산서 주세요.
Gyesansuh juseyo.
Please give me/us the bill.

이거 주세요.
Eguh juseyo.
Please give me/us this.

반찬 더 주세요.
Banchan duh juseyo.
Please give me/us more side dishes.

김치 더 주세요.
Kimchi duh juseyo.
Please give me/us more kimchi.

안맵게 해주세요.
Ahnmepgae haejuseyo.
Please don’t make it spicy.

짜지 않게 해주세요.
Jjaji ahngae haejuseyo.
Please don’t make it salty.

뭐가 맛있어요?
Mwoga mashissuhyo?
What’s delicious?

삼겹살 일인분 주세요.
Samgyupsal eelinboon juseyo.
Please give me/us one serving of pork belly.

Or maybe you want two servings.

삼겹살 이인분 주세요.
Samgyupsal einboon juseyo.
Please give me/us two servings of pork belly.

What if you want three servings?

삼겹살 삼인분 주세요.
Samgyupsal saminboon juseyo.
Please give me/us three servings of pork belly.

See a pattern yet? To change the number of servings, you pair a Sino-Korean number with “INBOON.”

One serving: 일인분
Two servings: 이인분
Three servings: 삼인분
Four servings: 사인분
Five servings: 오인분
Six servings: 육인분

You can also replace the noun in front of INBOON to order other meats.

생갈비 일인분 주세요.
Saenggalbi eelinboon juseyo.
Please give me/us one serving of unmarinated short ribs.

차돌박이 일인분 주세요.
Chadolbagi eelinboon juseyo.
Please give me/us three servings of beef brisket.

닭갈비 일인분 주세요.
Dakgalbi eelinboon juseyo.
Please give me/us one serving of chicken “ribs.”

It's delicious.

Separately the characters are pronounced as MAT-ISS-UH-YO. Together it’s MASSHISUHYO.

Need to make some room down there?

화장실 어디 있어요?
Hwajangshil uhdi issuhyo?
Where’s the restroom?

계산해 주세요.
Gyesanhae juseyo.
Check, please.

Traditionally Koreans fight over the bill. One person tries to pay for everyone.  If you want to be Korean, then you’d say:

제가 낼게요.
Jaega nelgaeyo.
It’s on me. (formal)

If you’d like to go Dutch, then ask:

계산서 나누어 줄 수 있어요?
Gyesansuh nanoouh julsu issuhyo?
Can you split the bill?

Some businesses only accept cash, so remember to carry the greens with you. When leaving, formally greet the worker goodbye:

안녕히 계세요. (formal)
Annyeonghee gyesaeyo.
*Use if you’re the one leaving and receiver is staying.


How to Order at a K-BBQ Restaurant

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How to Order at a K-BBQ Restaurant

We all know that famous cliché: You are what you eat. Well then, to be Korean you must eat some K-BBQ (Korean barbeque)! If you’re vegetarian savor some bibimbap instead. But for you carnivores out there, this week’s episode 58 of KWOW will prepare you for the next grill-rific outing:

The next time you go K-BBQ’ing, impress your waiter. Show off your Korean skills by using the following phrases:

Excuse me! (formal)

Please give us/me a menu. (formal)
메뉴 주세요.
Mehnyu joosehyo.

Please give us/me the English menu. (formal)
영어 메뉴 주세요.
Younguh mehnyu joosehyo.

Please give me/us _____. (formal)
_____ 주세요.
_____ joosehyo.

It’s delicious! (informal)

It’s delicious! (formal)

For the full list of meats you can order, check out at the menu from Hyungmin’s restaurant below. Pop it up on your latest smart-phone/gadget and use it as a reference. Or you can print it out, circle the meats you want to try and show it to the waiter. Note: names of meat may slightly vary upon each restaurant. 

When you visit Los Angeles, head over to Koreatown. While there are too many AYCE K-BBQ restaurants to name them all, here are some of our favorite spots:

863 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Genwa Korean BBQ
5115 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Star BBQ
601 S Ardmore Ave, Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Road to Seoul
1230 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Kang Hodong Baekjeong
3465 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

If you’re visiting New York City, try the restaurant Mr. JYP opened. You know, the man who created Wonder Girls, MissA and 2PM. We’ve never been, but let us know what you think!

8 W. 36th St
New York, NY 10018


  1. Complete the phrase “_________ 주세요.” by filling in the blank with ten different types of meat taught in KWOW #58.
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  5. Don’t forget to ask your fun/crazy/yummy question to this week’s KWOW host Bongja.
  6. Have fun! The first *seven people* to complete the task will win a reply from Bongja :)

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