40 Photos Around Bukchon Hanok Village (Part 2)

Korea has four distinct seasons. Thus you can visit the same place twice, but experience something different. The previous photos of Bukchon Hanok Village were taken during winter. These set of 40 are taken during autumn.

korean bowls
random chair
brick wall
changdeokgung wall
wall with vines
brick building blue sky
clothes drying
another chair
chairs in front of palace
brick residence
ceramic dishware
textured wall
clothes drying again
pink bike
vines on white
hanok rooftops
men on roof
brown door gold
bukchon fourth view
bukchon fourth fencing
fruit tree
hanok rooftops 2
leaving fourth view
green metal door
turtle stone
bukchon metal door
bukchon angled garage
bukchon wood door metal
walk bukchon
naughty girl
bukchon view
bukchon cute
bukchon mountain
bukchon view palace
view from bukchon