As discussed in KWOW episode 106 (above), former leader Kim Jong-Il once kidnapped the famous director Shin Sang-Ok. When Shin was told to direct a propaganda film, he said no and tried to escape North Korea. He was put in jail for the following five years and was fed grass and cornmeal. When released, director Shin was given some creative freedom and ended up making North Korea's cult classic monster film "Pulgasari" (불가사리). Which was similar to the original "Godzilla," a favorite flick of Kim Jong-Il's.

Watch "Pulgasari" below!

Still shots from "Pulgasari":

pulgasari 1
pulgasari 4
pulgasari 2
pulgasari 5
pulgasari 3
pulgasari 6

Before his kidnapping, director Shin made "A Flower from Hell" (1958) and other lesser censored films. Considering how uncensored media today is, Shin's classics may not be considered highly erotic through the eyes of the modern individual.