In KWOW episode 38 (below), we learned about Korea's top talent agencies: YG, SM, and JYP Entertainment. To fluently speak the language of K-POP, enthusiasts should familiarize themselves with the companies previously mentioned. It'll make you look intelligent amongst the K-POPPERs :)

Are you a fan of Girls' Generation? Super Junior? Shinee? BoA? DBSK? They're all from S.M. Entertainment. Did you know the company's founder Lee Soo Man was once a singer himself? Click here to hear his "Happy" song.

Lee Soo Man gives a brief tour of S.M. Entertainment:

Do you love 2NE1, Big Bang, and Tablo? They're artists currently signed with YG Entertainment. Its founder Yang Hyun Suk (a.k.a. Yang Goon and Papa YG) was once a member in the band Seo Taiji and Boys back in the 90s.

Check out Papa YG performing "Nan Arayo" (2:40). He's the one in orange top and overalls:

Are you crazy in love with the Wonder Girls, Miss A and 2PM? They're artists produced by JYP Entertainment. The company's founder Park Jin Young is also an entertainer, a judge on "K-POP Star" and the owner of upscale Korean restaurant Kristalbelli.

Check out JYP's music video "No Love No More":

Hope you enjoyed learning about the top K-POP talent agencies and their founders!