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Korean Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans


Korean Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans

*the following phrases are formal

채식 음식 어디에서 먹을 수 있어요?
Chaeshik eumshik uhdiaesuh mukeul soo issuhyo?
Where can I eat vegetarian food?

채식 식당 어디있어요?
Chaeshik shikdang uhdi issuhyo?
Where is a vegetarian restaurant?

이슬람 식당 어디있어요?
Eseullam shikdang uhdi issuhyo?
Where is an Islam restaurant?

고기 안 든것 있어요?
Gogi ahn deungeot issuhyo?
Do you have anything without meat?

동물성 식품 들어있어요?
Dongmoolsung shikpoom deuluhissuhyo?
Are there animal products in this?

고기하고 계란 넣지 마세요.
Gogihago gyeran nuhji maseyo.
Please do not put meat and egg in it.

Whenever you don’t want an ingredient in your dish, use this phrase:

_______ 넣지 마세요.
_______ nuhji maseyo.
Please do not put _______ in it.

소금 넣지 마세요.
Sogeum nuhji maseyo.
Please do not put salt in it.

설탕 넣지 마세요.
Sultang nuhji maseyo.
Please do not put sugar in it.

You can also use the phrase…

_______ 는/은 빼주세요.
_______ neun/eun bbaejuseyo.
Please remove the _______.

When do you use NEUN or EUN? It depends on the last character of your chosen noun. If the last character has no bottom consonant, then pair it with NEUN. If the last character does have a bottom consonant, then pair it with EUN. For example…

계란은 빼주세요.
Gyeraneun bbaejuseyo.
Please remove the egg.

GYERAN has the N consonant as the bottom consonant, so we use EUN.

고추는 빼주세요.
Gochuneun bbaejuseyo.
Please remove the red pepper.

GOCHU has no bottom consonant in its last character, so we pair it up with NEUN.

고기는 빼주세요.
Gogineun bbaejuseyo.
Please remove the meat.

GOGI also has no bottom consonant in its last character, so we again pair it up with NEUN.

There will be times when native Koreans ask you curiously:

왜 고기 안드세요?
Wae gogi ahndeuseyo?
Why don’t you eat meat?

You can answer with the following:

동물은 제 친구예요.
Dongmooleun jae chingooyeyo.
Animals are my friends.

그냥 고기 별로 안 좋아해요.
Geunyang gogi byullo ahn joahhaeyo.
I just don’t like meat very much.

다이어트 중이예요.
Daeeuhteu joongeyeyo.
I’m on a diet.

제 종교 때문에요.
Jae jonggyo ddaemoonaeyo.
Because of my religion.

저 불교도예요.
Juh boolgyodoyeyo.
I’m Buddhist.

저 회교도예요.
Juh hwaegyodoyeyo.
I’m Muslim.

If you’re into Buddhist cuisine, go to Insadong. You can choose to eat at Baru Gongyang's affordable buffet or reserve a spot for a full-course meal. Watch KWOW episode 120 for the Baru Gongyang review:

There’s also Sanchon for Buddhist cuisine. It’s located in a traditional house at the end of a zig-zagged alley. During evenings they have live entertainment. Alcohol is served as well. Watch KWOW episode 146 for our Sanchon review:

저 돼지고기 안 먹어요.
Juh dwaejigogi ahn mukuhyo.
I don’t eat pork.

저 흰밥 안 먹어요.
Juh hwinbap ahn mukuhyo.
I don’t eat white rice.

저 흰빵 안 먹어요.
Juh hwainbbang ahn mukuhyo.
I don’t eat white bread.

Just fill in the blank with the food you don’t fancy:

저 _______ 안 먹어요.
Juh _______ ahn mukuhyo.
I don’t eat _______.

For my health conscious buddies out there, you’re looking for substitutes. Want brown rice instead of white rice? Want soy milk instead of cow milk?

현미밥 있어요?
Hyunmibap issuhyo?
Do you have brown rice?

두유 있어요?
Dooyoo issuhyo?
Do you have soy milk?

Anytime you ask for something, fill in the blank with a noun. And it doesn’t have to be a food-related noun.

_______ 있어요?
_______ issuhyo?
Do you have _______?

고양이 있어요?
Goyangee issuhyo?
Do you have a cat?  

자켓 있어요?
Jaket issuhyo?
Do you have a jacket?

차 있어요? Cha issuhyo?
Do you have a car?

Simply fill in the blank for refills:

_______ 더 주세요.
_______ duh juseyo.
Please give me more _______.

반찬 더 주세요.
Please give me more side dishes.

버섯 더 주세요.
Buhsuht duh juseyo.
Please give me more mushrooms.

깻잎 더 주세요.
Ggetnip duh juseyo.
Please give me more sesame leaves.

시금치 더 주세요.
Shigeumchi duh juseyo.
Please give me more spinach.


Slobbie: Vegetarian Restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul


Slobbie: Vegetarian Restaurant in Hongdae, Seoul

Korea loves its meat and refined carbs (i.e. white rice, pasta, waffles, yummy desserts, rice cakes, pizza). For the health-conscious, there aren't too many options in Seoul. However there is a restaurant in Hongdae which caters to both the omnivores and vegans. Introducing.... Slobbie! In Korean: 슬로비.

They sell nutritious dishes, creative desserts, coffee, tea and even alcohol. Yes, you can order makeolli, beer and soju! Why go anywhere else when you can get your dose of veggies AND get drunk under one roof? They've even got makeolli patbingsoo.

dining area

12 noon at lunch time. There's a kitchen space in the back of the restaurant you can rent for events and teaching classes.


Home Meal of the Day. Changes regularly, but will always come with banchan (Korean side dishes), kimchi, soup, salad and brown rice--which looks white.

meal of the day

In my two and half month stay in Seoul, I've been to Slobbie three times. I would've came more, but had to convince myself to explore untasted parts of the city.

If I were living around Hongdae for an extended period of time, I'd take advantage of their meal banking scheme. If you purchase 10 or 15 meals in advance, you get a 10% discount. 10 meals for 72,000 won. 15 meals for 102,000 won.

vegan dishes

The Assorted Mushroom Omelette on brown rice (price 8,000 won).

assorted mushrooms omelette on brown rice
vegan meal

The vegan Soybean Curry on brown rice. A pinch of sprouts and sprinkle of black sesame seeds.

soybean curry on brown rice
coffee and tea menu slobbie

A meal is never complete without increasing your chances of developing diabetes. Actually I'm trying to discipline myself from consuming too much sweets. On the other hand enjoy the desserts in Korea while you can. They're not as overly indulgent compared to American desserts. Trust me. I was raised in California. I never got a stomachache from eating cake in Seoul. Yet.

dessert menu

How can one not be curious of how Makeolli Patbingsoo tastes like?

makeolli patbingsu

Such a beauty. Look at her. The most modelesque Korean shaved ice I've laid my eyes on. Admire her tall and bodacious figure. She wears her tiara of sliced jujube on her cushiony platinum hair of rice cakes.

yummy patbingsu

A closer view of her Royal Highness. Okay, but in all seriousness, the Makeolli Patbingsoo was my friends and I's favorite item ordered. The food is on the health and bland side. The dessert was flavorful.

korean shaved ice

Daytime drinking? Let's do it.

makeolli constellation

Blend Makeolli under the Rocks.


But if you're craving a warmer drink, order the Moju. It's a glass of makeolli flavored with apple, cinnamon and spices. Pure magic.

warm makeolli

Directions to Slobbie: Exit 9 at the Hongik University Station. Turn left. Then turn right after Dunkin Donuts. Walk, walk, walk. You'll pass by the street shown below. Slobbie is located on the 5th floor in the same building as Olive Young.

way to slobbie hongdae
slobbie front

ps: The first time at Slobbie I dined with Sophie. She's a contributor for Groove magazine and wrote an article on Professor Oh & Friends. Check it out in the April issue!