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What's "Honja" & "Gatchi"? (KWOW #53)


What's "Honja" & "Gatchi"? (KWOW #53)

Whether you love being with people or alone, hope you find episode of KWOW 53 to be quite useful!

Here's the recap: GATCHI means "together." HONJA means "alone." Pretty simple, right? Look below for the featured phrases from the episode.

같이 가자!
(Gatchi gaja!)
Let's go together!

같이 먹자!
(Gatchi mukja!)
Let's eat together!

같이 갈까?
(Gatchi galgga?)
Shall we go together?

This is for you netizens out there. If you've lived on the Internet long enough, you've seen the famous Forever Alone character. Question is, what is the character's name in Korean?

영원히 혼자
(Yongwonhee Hongja)
Forever Alone

Do you have what it takes to spot GATCHI and HONJA within their context? Quiz yourself with the practice questions, then take the contest challenge. Answers are located at the bottom. No peeking!

Question #1: Where's the first HONJA in the OST for the Korean drama "Bad Boy"?

Question #2: Can you find the 5th HONJA in Sistar’s “Alone”?

GRAND FINALE CONTEST QUESTION #3: How many GATCHIs do you hear in Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby"?


Answer #1: The first HONJA is sung at 1:49.

Answer #2: The fifth HONJA is sung at 1:20. The previous four are found at…

  • 0:52 이제와 혼자 (Eejehwa honja) Now I'm alone
  • 1:06 왜 또 나 혼자 밥을 먹고 (Wae ddo na honja bapeul mukgo) Why am I eating alone again
  • 1:08 나 혼자 영화를 보고 (Na honja yonghwa bogo) I watch the movie alone
  • 1:10 나 혼자 노래하고 (Na honja noraehago) I sing songs alone

Answer #3: Did you find them all? Post your answer below, along with a fun/crazy/yummy question to Grandma Bongja. The first *FIVE* people to get the correct answer wins a reply from this week's KWOW host Bongja. No question, no reply. Have fun! :)

ANSWER #3 REVEALED! (Updated June 22, 2012) GATCHI is sung four times (3:38, 3:41, 3:45, and 3:49)