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Poop Cafe in Korea


Poop Cafe in Korea

My bestie and I get our digestion on at Ddo-Ong Cafe (또옹카페). We called it the Poop Cafe. It's located on the 4th floor of the Ssamziegil building on Insadong-Gil. Come for a chill conversation with friends or if you need a place to study.

We were hoping the cafe would be super brown and cartoony. To our dismay the interior was pleasant and tame. Fortunately there were old-school squat toilets placed on the wooden floor. That made me feel more excited about life.

poop cafe interior 1

The Poop Cafe used to sell 3D doodoo-shaped bread. But they stopped serving them. There's a vendor outside that sells 2D poop-shaped bread though. One for 1,000 won. It tastes like booguh-bbang.

poop bread

The cafe sells cute dolls. They are the cross between an animal and a snail with spiraled poop shell. The doll on the right (above) at first appears to be Santa Claus, however flip him upside-down and you'll see a pig's butt with round tail.


The Poop Cafe tree is decorated with plungers.

toilet plunger tree

Chamomile tea and chocolate latte~ Nothing quite like enjoying hotties on a winter day.


Another interior shot. Looking towards the entrance door.

poop cafe interior 2

More dolls. This one may be ideal for couples.


The sun sets early during the winter. By the time we got out of the cafe it was dark. We head back home before too many troublemakers come out to play. Actually my bestie and I are troublemakers ourselves, but are kind enough to make space for others to have fun ;)