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Boyfriend, Girlfriend or just Friends? (KWOW #51)


Boyfriend, Girlfriend or just Friends? (KWOW #51)

Do you know what NAMJA, YUHJA and CHINGOO mean? No? Time for some edutainment. (Note: edutainment = education + entertainment)

Here are some word equations:
namja + chingoo = namjachingoo
(boy + friend = boyfriend)

yuhja + chingoo = yuhjachingoo
(girl + friend = girlfriend)

Now that you know YUHJA, NAMJA and CHINGOO, think you can spot them within context? I challenge you to take the following quiz. I promise it'll be fun :)

Answers are located at the end of this blog entry. No peeking!

Question #1: When does the NAMJA and YUHJA appear in 2NE1's "I Am the Best"?

Question #2: Where is the fourth YUHJA in Lee Seungi's "Because You're My Girl"? Click for English subtitles.

Question #3: How many CHINGOOs appear in Big Bang's "Bad Boy"?

Question #4: Can you find the first YUHJA in Boyfriend's "Don't Touch My Girl"?

GRAND FINALE QUESTION #5: How many YUHJAs and NAMJAs are in KISS's "Because I'm a Girl" (2001)? This one-hit wonder remains an old-school Korean classic. Ladies, get a tissue. Gentlemen, it's okay to cry. Many namjas admitted to tearing up when watching this video. You are not alone.


Answer #1: NAMJA appears at 1:54.
남자들은 날 돌아보고
Namjadeureun nal dorabogo
Guys turn around to look at me

YUHJA appears at 1:56.
여자들은 따라해
Yuhjadeureun ddarahae
Girls follow what I do

Answer #2: The fourth YUHJA is sung at 1:30. High five if you got it! If you didn't, high five for trying!

Answer #3: CHINGOO appears once at 1:51.
내 꿈속의 신부 이제 그냥 친구
Nae ggoomsokae shinbu eejae geunyang chingoo
Bride of my dream now we're only friends

Answer #4: The first YUHJA appears at 1:13.
내 여자 손대지마
Nae yuhja sondaejima
Don't touch my girl

Answer #5 (see below for update): Think you found them all? Write your answer in the comment section with a fun question to Billy Jin. First *three* people to get the correct answer wins a reply from this week's KWOW host Billy Jin! No questions, no reply. Good luck :)

ANSWER #5 REVEALED! (updated June 4) -NAMJA is sung and spoken 4 times at: 1:03, 2:12, 3:49, and 6:01. -YUHJA is sung and spoken 13 times at: 1:57, 2:31, 3:02, 4:08, 4:58, 5:07, 5:34, 6:12, 6:52, 7:02, 7:28, 7:42, and 7:36. -TOTAL namjas and yuhjas: 17