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How to express PAIN in Korean (KWOW #48)


How to express PAIN in Korean (KWOW #48)

How do you communicate your physical and emotional pains in Korean? Let KWOW episode 48 teach you a lesson! :)

Think you can recognize APA and APEUDA? Test yourself with these exercises. Answers are located at end of this blog entry.

Question #1: When does the 3rd APA appear in 2AM's "I Made a Mistake"?

Question #2: How many APAs can you find in this excerpt from "200 Pounds Beauty"?

Question #3: Where do you hear the 1st APA in Fly to the Sky's performance of "Even Though My Heart Breaks"? (Trivia: This song is an OST for the Korean drama "Fashion 70s." See the original music video here.)

GRAND FINALE QUESTION #4: How many APAs are sung in 2NE1's "It Hurts" music video?


Answer #1: The 3rd APA appears at 2:16 right after two APAs.

Answer #2: Two is the magic number!

Answer #3: Brian Joo sings the first APA at 1:47.

Answer #4: Write your answer in the comment section below with a question to Bongja. First *three* people to get the correct answer get a reply from this week's KWOW host! No question, no reply. Good luck :)