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CLOTHES in Korean (KWOW #60)

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CLOTHES in Korean (KWOW #60)

It’s sad but true: we’ve come to the last episode of KWOW (Season 1). We thank each and every one of our viewers for watching our Wednesday weekly show. Know that this is not goodbye forever. Professor Oh and friends are just taking a short hiatus to do some maintenance outside of Youtube. Stay tuned for future videos! Be the first to know of our return by liking us on Facebook and subscribing to our Youtube channel.

Our final episode is a combination between a Korean drama and a fashion show. We thought it’d be a fun way to teach your popularly-requested topic: clothes. While there are many variations to say—for example—pants (i.e. sweatpants, trousers, cargo pants, etc), we’re focusing on the common clothing terms:

Let’s review the featured words and more!

Tank top = 탱크톱 (taeng-keu-tohp)
Shirt = 셔츠 (shyeo-cheu)
T-shirt = 티셔츠 (tee-shyeo-cheu)
Turtleneck = 폴로 (pol-lo)

Pants = 바지 (ba-jee)
Jeans = 청바지 (chung-ba-jee)
Shorts = 반바지
Skirt = 치마 (chee-ma)

Sandals = 샌들 (sen-deul)
Shoes = 신발 (shin-bal)
Sneakers = 운동화 (oon-dong-hwa)
High heels = 하이힐 (ha-ee-heel)
Dress shoes = 구두 (goo-doo)

Coat = 코트 / 오바 (koh-teu / oh-ba)
Jacket = 재킷 / 잠바 (jae-keet / jam-ba)
Leather jacket = 가죽잠바 (ga-jook-jam-ba)
Sweater = 스웨터 (seu-weh-tuh)

Dress = 드레스 (deu-reh-seu)
Wedding dress = 웨딩드레스 (weh-ding-deu-reh-seu)
Suit = 양복 (yang-bok)
Dress shirt = 와이셔츠 (wah-ee-shyeo-cheu)
Tie = 넥타이 (nek-ta-ee)

Cane = 지팡이 (jee-pang-ee)
Glasses = 안경 (ahn-gyung)
Hat = 모자 (mo-ja)
Necklace = 목걸이 (mok-guhl-ee)
Purse/handbag = 핸드백 (hen-deu-bek)
Ring = 반지 (ban-jee)
Scarf = 스카프 (seu-ka-peu)
Stockings = 스타킹 (seu-ta-king)
Sunglasses = 썬글라스 (ssun-geul-la-seu)
Swimsuit = 수영복 (soo-young-bok)
Wallet = 지갑 (jee-gap)
Watch = 시계 (shi-geh)

Remember when Granny Kim taught you how to tell someone, “You’re stylish” and “You got swag”? If you don’t, review by watching episode 50:

Let’s say your friend is wearing a really cool shirt.
Tell them: 그 셔츠 간지난다! (Geu shyeocheu ganji nandah!)
Which means “That shirt is stylish!”

Or perhaps you like their shoes.
Then you’d say, “그 신발지난다!”
Those shoes are stylish!

For other clothes, simply fill in the blank of the following informal phrase:

그 _______ 간지난다! (Geu _______ ganji nandah!)
That _______ is stylish! / Those _______ are stylish!

The formal version of this phrase:
그 _______ 간지나요! (Geu _______ ganji nayo!)
That _______ is stylish! / Those _______ are stylish!


  1. Complete the phrase “그 _______ 간지난다!” by filling in the blank with the featured vocabulary in this blog. (Write the phrase with 30 articles of clothing: 15 times using the informal version and 15 times using the formal version. It’s great practice for you!)
  2. Take a photo of your fantastic work.
  3. Upload the photo onto Twitter.
  4. Copy and paste the link in the comment section below. (Note: Other submissions may not be considered an entry.)
  5. First *five* people to complete the task will win a handwritten letter from their favorite KWOW host! Let us know which host you want to receive a letter from and ask a fun/crazy/yummy question to them.
  6. Have fun! Winners will be contacted via e-mail for their mailing address. Be sure you’ve entered your e-mail address correctly. There is one chance for the letter to get to your house. And if you do not receive the letter within 20 days, we will send you a digital copy :)

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